Monday, 9 August 2010


like my new business card? ;)

just a little update to let you guys know what im up too :)

i shall adress this in list form!

-Summer Brief for Uni- series of 5 illustrations!
-Dissertation research- various reeading and interviews etc etc to do
-location drawing (when i get round to it!)
-work for Art On The Prom event coming up very soon in felixstowe, quite a big event, i'll be selling my work there, i hope people will like it!
-traditional work for AOTM

full details of the event can be found here

I also may be helping out with some work for a website soon :)

so thats what ive been up too!

im still available for commissions so please dont hesistate to get in contact if interested :)

cya folks!

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